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About Millennia411

The company was originated in November of 2008 by the Broker/Owner, RondaLea Clifton after working Kingman Real Estate Full Time for over 4 years under Prudential Mohave Realtors. I have also lived in the Kingman area since 1980 so that gives me more than 35 years of living experience right here.

 The basic idea is to move into the "Next Generation" of Real Estate and provide As much Customer Service Information in All Aspects of the business. Buyer's and Seller's interests being put as top priority - always showing buyers ALL homes available in their price range and search criteria and promoting listings in their highest and Best Use Markets on the Internet, MLS, and other forms of marketing as appropriate. We are going to be starting a Rental portion and will have visual tours on all the properties just as there are for all properties for sale.

Seller's know it is a good market to sell right now, and we will give you the latest and Best information available to assist you in making the decisions regarding selling. We don't believe in agreeing to list your property just to tell you a month or two down the road that it is priced too high and so now you need to reduce the price to sell. We also do not price it under market value unless you wish to price it just under in order to sell quickly (this is often a bank owned property "trick" ) in order to draw many buyer's out and hope to get multiple offer's and bidding "wars" to drive the selling price up. It is always in everyone's best interest to be straight forward right from the beginning and not to let you think the market is better than it really is just to get a listing. All the company listings have visual tours, not just the "higher priced homes" using professional wide angle camera lens. Our Seller's market has been climbing for the past 3 years
About Broker, RondaLea

 Welcome to my Web Site and my listings.....and North Western Arizona Living ! I have lived in Kingman since 1980 and have loved the many amenities that our High Desert nestled between the Hualpai, Cerbat, Peacock, and Music Mountain ranges provides. Our location is also central for many different activities giving local residents quite a large variety of sporting and entertainment events and only about an hour away from the Grand Canyon West Rim with the sky Walk providing you with one of the most unique ways to view the canyon. I moved out West with my parents in the 70's from the state of 10,000 Lakes........but I have NOT been disappointed - with Lake Mohave only about 30 minutes away I have had the pleasure of scuba diving, water skiing in February as well as the rest of the year along w/ boating and fishing. We also have the other two large lakes of Lake Mead and Lake Havasu (within 1 1/2 hrs drive). Enjoy Colorado River Rafting or just take your own boat/personal watercraft! Havasupi boasts some of the most beautiful falls & pools of the Southwest and is only about 2 hours from Kingman. There is also an almost unlimited amount of trails for riding horses, quads or motorcycles. Some of the best and largest sections of Route 66 run directly through Kingman and my office is located on the ORIGINAL Route 66 on the Corner of Topeka Street and Santa Fe in Historic District of Downtown Kingman. We have many events throughout the year in Kingman and especially in our Prime Gorgeous Weather Seasons that generally stretch from March through June and September through December - and as you probably already know often December through March has MANY more beautiful days in that stretch than the couple months of the "DRY HEAT" you always hear about for July and August....only that is our typical "monsoon season" where we get these awesome lightening storms and hopefully rain almost every afternoon or at least a few times a week. Our other typical "rainy season" would be January/February. Anyway, one of the last things is that we are about 1 1/2 hours from Las Vegas, Nevada; about 3 1/2 hours from Phoenix; AZ and about 2 1/2 hours from Flagstaff, AZ (closest snow skiing next to Mount Charleston in Nevada). There are so many more things to say about Kingman and Arizona and all the various things to do here and in the nearby states that we share state boundaries with, but I think most of all it is a great place to live, love, laugh and I have enjoyed raising my family here, working many different great and interesting places and been part of many groups and organizations throughout the years to be confident in saying that "My reputation as a dedicated and contributing member of the community is genuine and time proven". I am happy to say that I have so many wonderful friends and family and all of which continues to grow - more now than ever with my six full-time years in real estate.
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                                          Kingman Arizona property management.

Currently we have the tenants make the checks out directly to the owner and send them to us as the management company so that we can do the accounting and give a quarterly statement to the owner then we deposit the checks directly into owner accounts. Management fees we bill quarterly.

This is for Kingman city limits.
Management commission 7% with a minimum of $70.
We charge a one time leasing fee of $200 with a six-month guarantee
Pay $0 dollars until your property is leased.
No markup for property repairs.
No extra or hidden fees.
Zero upfront costs.
We charge $50 to post a five day no pay, if the tenant does pay to get caught up they will be charged the $50 otherwise it is charge to you the owner.
Tenant pays:
Late fees. (Late fees are based on the rent amount.)
We charge the tenants a one time $200 administration fee.
We charge every person over 18 a one time $45 application fee for credit and background checks.
All rents due on the first & are late after the first of the month with NO Grace Period.
We do not represent the properties in case of evictions.

      We offer a lease only plan, first months rent, and we charge the tenant $200 administration fee and $45 per person over 18 an application fee.

All property maintenance the owner will be billed by the Vendor of owners choice and pay them directly, we as the property management company do not handle maintenance money.
We do move in and move out inspections and maintenance management.

If we feel it is necessary we may require a property inspection before we will manage a property. We are only willing to represent properties that are well-maintained inside and out. Our number one priority is to protect the owner's investment. We only managed properties that have air conditioning no Evap Cooling Only properties.

We have a competitive marketing plan, we do visual tours, sign, and a number of websites.

As a Kingman Arizona property management company our goal is to provide a top quality service at a fair price that is as free as possible from risk to our owners.
Kingman Arizona property management has its own unique challenges because we have a lot of diverse properties, that are intertwined which contributes to both good and not so good aspects of the community. Our main goal is of course to protect the owner's investment and that is why keeping the property in excellent quality is not only good for the tenant but the owner as well. Because of the diversity and the vastness of our County we have to evaluate time and gas for commuting to the property so fees can vary on that. We are would be interested in Owner's with properties that have Air Conditioning as part of the entire HVAC, but none that have only evaporative cooling, well kept properties that are going to continue to be well maintained whether it be by the owner or workers they have or to have maintenance items put to bid & the OWNER decides who to go with.
 Our office was the first in the area to offer the BEST on-line marketing and 24 hour tenant maintenance request service. So come on over to the office who has set out from the start to do the best Kingman Arizona property management service over the mind set that "this is the way we have always done it" mentality.
Ken & Ronda
Brokerage owner's
Not Corporate Robots
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Kingman Arizona property management
Kingman Arizona property management
why should you use our company to manage your property and protect your investment? to start this off you must know, no one is perfect we don't claim to be perfect and maybe our prices aren't the best maybe you don't think we have the best business plan for Kingman Arizona property management. One thing we don't do is just try to get a warm body in your property so that we can start collecting and make it look like were doing our job even though that individual may not be good for your property or your investment. I will say that our Kingman Arizona property management way of running business you will not be robbed taken advantage or scammed that is the number one reason why we will not handle maintenance money, this is the area in which most all owners are ripped off by unscrupulous agents who make up phony maintenance claims and siphons the money or have a friend or family member or buddy who is the maintenance person and together they rip you off that is why as an owner we want you to be involved a little bit, in the process by choosing your own maintenance person and they bill you directly, We can recommend someone and you can even straight up asked them if they pad their bill and then give us a kickback. These are just some of the Kingman Arizona property management issues that we are trying to address and make you feel comfortable using our company to manage your property. For now we don't hold security deposits we understand this makes a little more work for you as the owner because when the tenant moves out you will have to send the tenants a check, here again we feel it is for your protection. For now our Kingman Arizona property management plan, of the tenants making the checks out directly to you the owner, giving them to us so that we can do the bookkeeping and then be able to give you a quarterly statement and then we will directly deposit the check into your bank account. For now the system of collecting the rents is a little more work for us so in the future we may change so that the tenants can pay online we would obviously still been doing the bookkeeping quarterly statements and then paying you the owner through a system called ACH of direct deposit into your account.
    Another aspect of our Kingman Arizona property management plan that we feel is a very important part of our plan is to protect your investment one way is to have a yearly inspection by somebody of your choosing who can look over the property to identify issues that may need to be addressed to keep your property in the best shape possible(so that it does not look like a rental and ruining the neighborhood) also we feel that a clean well-maintained well-functioning home keeps tenants happy and we hope that will make for longer residency in your property which makes for a better return on your investment and in the future if you should decide to sell or List your property for sale you will be able to get top dollar because it is in great condition.